Playbed Plus Tailored-Round o Square

With The taylored Marina Plus, you have the chance to create your own Playbed, perfect for your desire and needs, making your onw floating living room, to add one or more Sun Umbrella and Playsofa on the water… Offering to your costumers ( For Hotel , Private Beach Club, Yacht, and Charter) an unforgettable living experience, having a snack or a drink while on the water…
Suitable for this Product is the Playice, so to keep the Drinks Cold.
Some Size exemple: about 250cm x about 250cm with Sun umbrella in the middle and 4 Playsofa, one for each side

: about 220cm x about 220cm with sun Umbrella in the middle and 4 Playsofa, 2 left side and 2 right side.

: Diameter about 250cm or about 300cm with the Sun Umbrella in the middle and 2 or 4 Playsofa,

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The Playbed Plus Taylored will be made by Pvc Trapaulin, a double layer of Pvc with a mesh net inside, as the common inflatable boat.You can chose your own Lenght and Height size, the thickness is fix 23 cm( resonable size, so that , the product can be made).
You can also chose to add the Playsofa and how many, for this your Playbed, This Product can also have more than one sun umbrella holding System.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg