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The Playbed Marina Round Plus allowed you to enjoy the Sea in a new way, fully relaxed, and to have the choice to open your sun umbrella whyle you are still on the sea, so to have a little break from the Hot Sun.
It’s the perfect Gagdet for all boats owners, so to have a bigger space to use for the relax and the shadow,As we know space is never enough on the boat.
Suitable for Hotes and private Beach so to offer more comfort to the costumers
Adding the Playice, the innovative ice bucket for the umbrella you can keep your drinks cool, all this while you are on the water…. Crazy…..

If You add the Playice, it will keep the bottle Cool..

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The playbed Marina Round Plus is made by Pvc Tarpaulin, is a double layer Pvc with a mesh net Inside, the same materil as the inflatable boat, the size of the AirBed is about 200cm Diameter and about 23cm thick .On this Playbed you can fix the Sun Umbrella in the center position.
At the Border there are stainless steel D ring to fix a rope and bind it to a boat or a buoy or to bind more playbed together.
The Playbed includes the Holding sistem for the Sun Umbrella and the Stabilizator Bag.
( The sun umbrella is not included in the price please note)

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